Bis Kamara

Our aim is to bring joy through snack products and provide an entertaining platform for our delighted audience.

Creative Concept

Our approach is to highlight the range of BisKamara products and attract fun-loving audience who relish snacking and spending good times. Our strategy involves featuring vibrant and playful images of the biscuits in different relatable scenarios under different campaigns, giving them a personality and making them a part of people’s daily routines. Our ultimate goal is to provide an entertaining and enjoyable experience that positions our client as the top choice for consumers.

Art Direction

The objective of the art direction employed here is to produce a vibrant and enjoyable image that effectively portrays BisKamara as a new and thrilling biscuit. The image makes use of a cartoonish style, featuring vivid and cheerful colors, which is intended to appeal to a youthful and spirited target audience. The text featured on the image serves to cater to a broader audience.

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