Mr Tuxedos

Weaving plenty of honorable success stories across the MENA Region through our long-term partnership with Mr. Tuxedos.

Creative Concept

We call this the collaboration of brilliant minds. Our work with Mr. Tuxedos was a fruitful journey where we collaborated closely with our client to accomplish triumph. From the initial branding phase to all the following steps to keep the brand under the spotlight. We designed our concepts with elegance in mind to showcase the Italian bespoke tailoring services and masterpieces of Mr. Tuxedos to gentlemen everywhere. We worked with bold and captivating ideas that enabled our client to achieve a widespread appeal.

Art Direction

The artwork we tend to use for Mr. Tuxedos aims to convey a sophisticated and luxurious visual appeal; it is mainly based on captivating photo and video shoots that capture the essence of the brand and showcases the quality, elegance, and uniqueness of every tailored piece.

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