Providing unequaled solutions for Strongville to achieve optimal results and position our client at the forefront of the cosmeceutical Haircare market.

Creative Concept

Ladies are known to try a million and one methods and put so much effort into their hair care to get satisfying results; that was the key insight we built our ideas on to keep our lady customers engaged. Our concepts for Strongville focused on awareness and customer satisfaction at every stage of the journey in our creative strategy. We also considered the pain points of our target audience, aiming to create a comprehensive experience that positions Strongville as top-of-mind for them.

Art Direction

The art direction used here is based on combining 2D elements that represent product ingredients with human elements to achieve a realistic look and feel. Adding shapes gives the artistic finishing touch. A light-colored, simple patterned background emphasizes all the other elements. We opted for a vibrant art direction that instantly attracts women’s attention.

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