When it comes to movies, we always have thriller concepts to show through our creative advertising approach that’s globally recognized in Ads Of The world

Creative Concept

When working on a concept for a Movie Theatre we had to make sure we reflect the holistic experience at VOX cinemas and the exceptional enjoyment you live when visiting the theatres, and there it was, our concept was all about the unmatched experience consumers get to live at VOX.

Art Direction

Art direction for a destination that shows a type of art on screens, sure had to be unique, we worked on highlighting the experience visually in an appealing way to the eye of the viewer by using the excited waiter as our anchor while providing various services in addition to the colors that put audience in the mood of wanting to visit the cinema right away, and reflecting the VIP experience through super comfy chairs and mouthwatering snacks, in addition to the thrill through elements that reflect the multiple dimensions experience.

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