We are revolutionizing the advertising tactics used for cosmeceutical eCommerce platforms and making a notable impact on digital media.

Creative Concept

We planned a unique approach for the Eparkville e-commerce platform to help our client reach the determined goals. We focused on promoting the self-care products on the website in a way that truly resonates with our community. Building a knowledgeable and engaged community was our key to achieving this goal. We implemented our concept by offering a digital hub of informative content, fun competitions, and strategic product promotions that will help users get the most out of the Eparkville platform.

Art Direction

We used the brand’s logo and colors to guide the art direction, resulting in cohesive and visually appealing visuals. The combination of colors and shapes extracted from the logo creates a bold contrast that draws the viewer’s attention and effectively highlights the hero message we want to deliver or the focus products. The selection of fonts that align with the brand’s identity further adds to the overall appeal of the visuals and direction.

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