Together with Orion, we have created a platform for on-demand services that brings comfort to every home and worked on establishing the appropriate brand positioning.

Creative Concept

Imagine a world where you can access any service you need with just a few clicks. Whether you want to order food, book a massage, hire a plumber, or get your car fixed, you can find the best professionals in your area and schedule them at your convenience. That’s exactly the vision reflected in our creative concepts for Orion Facility management, where we highlighted the convenience the company offers through our taglines, carrying messages behind such as “As Quick as A Click” and “All You Have to Do is Just request Orion” “We are one call away” and other convincing messages that impact the audience to take action and feel the luxury of not having to do the errands and chores themselves.

Art Direction

We developed a diverse range of art styles for Orion based on the ongoing campaigns and the visual style that fits the idea best while sticking to the brand guidelines we developed for the client. We considered a variety of techniques, such as collage art styles, cutouts, and other creative approaches, ensuring that each style would effectively communicate the message and enhance the overall visual appeal of the campaign.

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