We promote confidence and beauty in every campaign inspiring ladies to embrace their hair and express their unique personality with LORIANO

Creative Concept

Our campaigns are centered around encouraging women to fully embrace their hair and use LORIANO products to showcase their distinct personalities. Through our campaigns, we guide women on how to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin by highlighting the versatility and beauty of their hair and the importance of taking good care of it with LORIANO.

Four Plastic Container

We worked on an art direction based on combining photography and graphic design and utilizing solid colors and elements that evoke nature, such as straw, wood, and flowers. It also uses a light and bright color palette. The products are presented as the solution for women who want to have healthy, undamaged hair. The art direction aims to create a contrast between the product colors and the elements used. The work pieces visually communicate confidence and happiness in one’s hair through the used models.

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