We design groundbreaking campaigns for Prevalin Arabia, with the primary objective of boosting brand recognition and fostering a dedicated customer following across the MENA region.

Creative Concept

Starting from the launching phase, we worked on initiating a creative concept behind this campaign to position our client Prevalin Arabia as the ultimate innovative solution for Nasal allergies. We used a direct slogan that delivers the messages and clearly. The creative concept aims to create awareness and trust in Prevalin, and to encourage potential customers to try it and see the difference for themselves, focusing on primary important messages like quick relief and innovated formula.

Art Direction

The visuals we created utilize a simplistic yet impactful art direction that effectively communicates Prevalin as the ultimate solution for nasal allergies. The brand’s distinct color scheme of blue and orange is incorporated, forming contrast and harmony. By utilizing a consistent layout, the visuals establish a sense of familiarity and consistency. Additionally, the models used show symptoms that resonate with the target audience’s pain points, evoking a sense of urgency and need for the product.

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