magic planet

We are always in the game when it comes to fun strategic campaigns.

Creative Concept

Magic Planet is where you can get on a mission of game-winning in a space full of arcade games, if you underestimate the game and don’t give it the concentration and attention required, you lose; you don’t get your tickets, so yes, even fun and games should be taken seriously for you to enjoy and earn and voila there was our creative concept for magic planet’s advertising campaign.

So, we decided to deliver our message by simply showing that the people of Magic Planet are game pros and that we take gaming seriously for the gamer to enjoy ultimate fun and live in a world full of games and thrilling challenges.

Art Direction

Working on art direction for an arcade games spot sure should be as fun, we used here and art direction that gives a futuristic and immersive image The visual use a blue and purple color scheme, which creates a sense of mystery and fantasy, and fun. The image also uses a futuristic design, with curved walls, lines and circles, and a planet-like ceiling, this implies that the viewers will experience a magical and adventurous journey. The art direction aims to attract the attention of potential viewers to visit the place right away.

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