Hamawi Cafe

Through our creative campaigns, we teamed up with Al Hamwi Cafe, a top coffee brand from Syria and the Middle East, to bring the Egyptian market the perfect match for every coffee lover.

Creative Concept

Generating creative concepts for this authentic coffee brand had to reflect the right image of the brand and show the brand’s significance in the MENA Region and the authenticity of its products. Our creative concepts played on several strings; we aimed to gain trust in the products and connect the consumer emotionally to the brand, our launching campaign communicated that Al Hamwi Cafe knows the secrets and traditions of coffee in Egypt and the heritage of the brand, our creative proposal then took an emotional turn through a campaign communicating the consumer showing that this holistic coffee lacks nothing and all it needs to be perfect is the client to sip and enjoy it.

Art Direction

The art styles selected for Al Hamwi Cafe integrate the brand’s green color palette and evoke the perfect ambiance for enjoying coffee. The visuals also capture the genuine and nostalgic essence associated with coffee in the Egyptian culture. Our design approach was to create pieces that are visually appealing while effectively conveying the campaign’s message.

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