Collaborating closely with ROCC one of the largest companies established more than 25 years ago to develop cutting-edge and impactful advertising strategies that highlight their exceptional and eco-friendly real estate developments.

Creative Concept

Our creative concept is to showcase the benefits of living, working, or recreating in ROCC’s eco-friendly and smart properties, using stunning visuals and engaging stories. We also aim to educate and inspire the public about the importance of sustainability and green living, using social media. Our creative concept reflects our shared values and goals with ROCC and our commitment to creating a better future for our planet and communities.

Art Direction

When working on an art direction for ROCC, we decided that our visuals should highlight the unique selling proposition of each project; We utilized the renders of the projects in the visual to show the contrast between the glass façade, which allows natural light and views, and the solid walls, which provide privacy and security. The Main TOVs are written in a large, white font to emphasize the campaign’s main messages.  The creative art direction aims to attract potential customers looking for a premium and comfortable space that balances privacy and community.

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