Proteins Pets

We’ve been involved in every stage of our brand’s development, from branding to strategy. We work to establish an edutainment community for pet owners and tackle an unaddressed gap in the market through our accurately planned tactics.

Creative Concept

Our creative concept centers around strengthening the bond between pets and owners. We thrive to attract and entertain pet owners using trustworthy and light, enjoyable content about their furry pals; our primary focus is on giving valuable information in a lighthearted tonality, fostering a strong connection between our audience and platform, saying, “We nurture the bond.”

Art Direction

The initiating step here was the brand identity creation which was designed to reflect the strong emotional connection between pets and their owners; for the direction of the artwork, we tended to combine eye-catching popping colors to add a fun, playful vibe to the visuals and real images to deliver a more realistic and closer to the heart message.

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