Sky Egypt

The concepts of our creative advertising proposal for SKI EGYPT convey the double fun experience lived inside in an appealing way


Battle time! That was it;  it was our first concept for SKI Egypt announcing that new penguins were joining the house; our idea was to divide the penguins into two groups, “Sultan and His Gang,” which resemble the old penguins, and “the King’s Team,” and all the proposed games and challenges inside ski followed the same concept where we celebrate five years of ski with snow games and fun team races. Also, the second proposed concept highlighted the complete SKI Egypt experience, where we said, Snow is our game, telling everyone that inside SKI, they would definitely enjoy their time in different activities to celebrate five years of Ski in Egypt.

Four Plastic Container

In the Art direction, we made sure to maintain the look and feel of the snowy environment inside Ski; we also added the main activities available at the indoor snow park, in addition to the battle concept. So, when everyone sees the visual, they get excited to visit Ski to celebrate, play and get the happy chills.

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