Vivo Care

Setting forth the concept of deep cleaning for the first time in Egypt with one of our regional clients Vivo Care through strategies backed by valuable insights into the Egyptian market.

Creative Concept

From the beginning, our goal has been to raise awareness about Vivocare and transport the concept of Deep Cleaning efficiently from Jordan to Egypt; therefore, we brainstormed a creative concept that showcases the unique aspects of our client’s services in a way that our targeted market would take in. Our focus was on demonstrating and positioning Vivo Care as a life-enhancing business. Our campaign helped our client stand out and effectively introduced them to their target audience, achieving our strategic objectives.

Art Direction

The art direction showcases a unique and artistic way of presenting our concept while using real-life images to maintain credibility. Bright colors are used to create contrast and convey a sense of positivity and cleanliness, which appeals to the target audience. Overall, the visuals are influential in how they communicate the brand’s message.

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