Our shared vision is to foster a healthy community that is knowledgeable about their health requirements and motivated to take steps towards better health.

Creative Concept

Our goal was to establish a brand persona that reflects how important it is to have both medical expertise and a strong emphasis on maintaining good health. We developed informative and awareness campaigns to create a proactive community about their health and adheres to credible institutions like Speedlab for their health and check-up needs.

Art Direction

The art style used in these visuals is a combination of realistic and detailed images of various objects and elements related to SPEED Lab, such as the box, the thermometer, the human element, and the letter “S.” Through this art direction, we aim to convey the message that SPEED Lab is a modern, innovative, and reliable provider of medical testing and diagnostics. The art style also creates a sense of identity and consistency among the different visuals, as they share the same orange-and-white color scheme, font, and logo. The art style reflects the values and the personality of SPEED Lab, which are speed, accuracy, and professionalism.

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